Schedule of Classes - Published 4/20/2017
Saturday 6/10  Sunday 6/11  Monday 6/12  Tuesday 6/13  Wednesday 6/14  Thursday 6/15  

Tuesday 6/139:00am10:00am11:00am12:00pm1:00pm2:00pm3:00pm4:00pm5:00pm6:00pm7:00pm8:00pm
Archery Range   Introduction to Archery (Archery 101) by Thomas of Cologne
HL Eynon Llangenydd
Beach Fyrdraca Basics
Baroness Aela Hundred Oars
Bronze Casting Workshop Period Woodworking
Master Guillaume Sudeterre
Cut & Thrust Field     Intro to Italian Rapier
Lord Gawin Kappler
Delivering better cuts and thrusts
Lord Gawin Kappler
Dance Area European Dance: Teaching the Ball
HL Wolfram Janssen
English Country Dances
HL Cathus Curious
Persian Miniature Poses
Qadiya Catalina Arazuri
Roman dance experiment:
Qadiya Catalina Arazuri
Fiber Arts TentTablet Weaving demonstrations
HL Johanne of Fisher Gate
Tablet weaving with Gyda
HL Gyda Glora
Basic nalbinding
Lady Antonia Stefani
Learn to Warp a Tablet Weaving Loom for a Threaded-In Pattern
HL Johanne of Fisher Gate
Games Tent  Nine Mills Morris and Mancala
Lady Maegwynn Attewode
Glassworkers TentGlass 100: Beginner Basic
Amon Attwood
Glass 200: Stringer Control
Ly Beatrix Bogenschultz
Glass 200: Core-Formed Vessels
Baroness Sorcha ingen ni Mhaolain
  Glass: Open Torch
Amon Attwood
Glass 200: Glass with Hannah
Hannah de Avila
Great Machine    Beginning Blacksmithing
Master Gerald Goodwine
Potter Tent - Slab Basic Wheel Throwing
Lady Marie le Faivre
Pottery Tent - Wheel    Handles and surface decoration with Marie
Lady Marie le Faivre
Rush BrumbarSelf Stuffing Cloth Buttons
Ms Elynor of Glastonbury
Brocaded Tablet-Weaving
HL Kristine Nic Tallier
Beginners Guide to Early Music Theory
Lady Appolonia von Bremen
A Simple Shoe for Non-Cobblers and Non-Leather Workers
Vincent DeVere
Veils & How to Wear Them
Lord Corwyn MacCamie
Introduction to Netting
HL Giraude Benet
Plausibly medieval machine-woven bands
HL Kristine Nic Tallier
Rush Chepe Leather Tooling
Lord Eric Thorn
Pilgrimage Practice
Countess Conna Ui Chearbhaill
Intaglio Printing discussion and Demo
HL Helena Soranzo
Eat Thy Neighbor
Kaalos Fugitive
Rush Ternon Beginners Guide to Early Music Notation
Lady Appolonia von Bremen
Trinkets, the Evil Eye, & You
Kaalos Fugitive
Tailors Tent     Basic Japanese Loop Braiding
Lord Nakos Theodorosides
Thrown Weapons Range    Thrown Weapons Marshalling by Jon Tristram
HL Eynon Llangenydd