Schedule of Classes - Published 4/20/2017
Saturday 6/10  Sunday 6/11  Monday 6/12  Tuesday 6/13  Wednesday 6/14  Thursday 6/15  

Monday 6/129:00am10:00am11:00am12:00pm1:00pm2:00pm3:00pm4:00pm5:00pm6:00pm7:00pm8:00pm
Archery Range   Crossbow string-making by Thomas of Cologne
HL Eynon Llangenydd
Bronze Casting Workshop Pewter Spinning
Master Guillaume Sudeterre
Cut & Thrust Field    Garb for Cut & Thrust
HL Verena Naeherin
Introduction to MS I.33
Lord Gawin Kappler
Dance Area European Dance: Teaching the Ball
HL Wolfram Janssen
 Beginning lucet cord weaving
Lady Ximena Echeberria
Fiber Arts TentTablet Weaving demonstrations
HL Johanne of Fisher Gate
Beginning hand sewing
Ly Anastasia da Carrera
Inkle Farble Time with Nesscia
Ms Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh
Games Tent  Taschenwack & Kuub
Azad Da'ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari
Glassworkers TentGlass 200: Striking Glass
Amon Attwood
Glass 200:Twisties and Stringers
Hannah de Avila
Glass 200: Dots and Eyes
Zaneta Baseggio
  Glass 100: Beginner Basic
Amon Attwood
Glass: Tailors Tent Open Torch
Zaneta Baseggio
Great Machine    Period Glue
Master Gerald Goodwine
Pottery Tent - Wheel Making Period Cook Pots with Tosten
Lady Marie le Faivre
 Making Period Cook Pots with Tosten
Lady Marie le Faivre
Rush Brumbar What Are They Wearing?: A Comparison of Middle Eastern Clothing
Her Ladyship Roise inghean ui Rhauidrie
Who me? Yes, you can learn khoomii.
THLord Sarangerel of the Steppes
Astrology in Everyday Life in the Middle Ages
His Lordship Henry Percivale Kempe
Medieval Concepts of Time
Honorable Lady Lorraine Devereaux
How to Use a Medieval Calendar in a Book of Hours
Honorable Lady Lorraine Devereaux
Rush Chepe Late period women's Italian fashion
Lady Antonia Stefani
Eat Thy Neighbor
Kaalos Fugitive
Pilgrimage Practice
Countess Conna Ui Chearbhaill
Plein Air Drawing
HL Helena Soranzo
Making Period Brass Veil Pins
Lord Corwyn MacCamie
Rush Humpk Silk Banners 101: Part 1
Ldy. Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla
 Lost Wax Casting
THL Paul Adler
Rush TernonBasketweaving -- twill basket
Lady Nest ffynnon
Trinkets, the Evil Eye, & You
Kaalos Fugitive
Baltic Patterns for Tablet Weaving
Lady Margery of Penrith